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The document contains answers to the following questions:

1. Is an Aircraft more fuel efficient than a car ?

2. Is Pointing Laser at an aircraft a CRIME?

3. Pilot – Copilot – Crew, all have different set of Meals .. Really ?

4. Living near a flight path is Dangerous .. Seriously ?

5. What is the aircraft’s tyre pressure ?

1. Aircrafts are more fuel efficient than cars !

Shocking ! HUH!!! The Boeing 747 one of the largest commercial aircraft burns about 16 ltrs or 5 gallons per mile. Reversing this gives us the figure of 0.2 miles per gallon of fuel. This is much lower than the average car’s fuel efficiency at about 25 miles (1.6 *25 = 40kms) per gallon or per 16 ltrs. But, considering the number of passengers the 747 carries, it is far more efficient. This breakdown explains that, because the plane can carry about 500 people, it’s actually getting 100 miles per gallon per person meaning roughly about 160 kms in 16 ltrs person with a speed of 600-900 kms/hr.

2. Pointing Laser at an aircraft is a CRIME !

Driving your pets crazy with a laser pointer all you want, but never even try to aim that annoying red dot at a plane. According to 18 U.S. Code Section 39A, if you point a laser pointer at a plane or its fligh path, you can enjoy up to five years in prison to think about what you’ve done. Flight paths near landing and take-off areas have many visual aids (lights) for the pilot to see and decide the next course of action which may get hampered due the use of the laser specially at night, eventually may cause a disaster near an airport.

3. Pilot – Copilot – Crew, all have differnt set of Meals !

While it’s only a hard-and-fast rule on certain airlines, Travel + Leisure reports that most pilots co-pilots and crew members do not eat the same meal. Guess Why ???? why so much of unnecessary burden for airlines ?

This is done to reduce the risk of any mishap during the flight due to Food Poisoning. This is the reason Pilot, Co-pilot and Crew all are given different meals if one of then gets sick, the other should still be able to operate the aircraft.

4. Living near a flight path is Dangerous !

While regular air travelers might imagine they’d enjoy living close to the airport and take flights to and from the airport with ease, actually living along a flight path could shorten your life. According to a 2010 study published in Epidemiology, individuals exposed to noise above 60 decibels on a regular basis—like the sound of an airplane overhead—had a 30 percent greater risk of dying from a heart attack than those typically exposed to noise levels under 45 decibels. Over a 15-year period living under a flight path, that risk was up by 50 percent.

5. Aircraft’s tyre pressure is 6 times the car tyres !

The real reason airplane tires rarely pop, even though they’re carrying a huge amount of weight is not just its thickness. According to a Wired report, airplane tires are pumped to roughly 200 psi—about six times the psi of an average car tire. In fact, according to an experiment recorded by National Geographic, a Boeing 737’s tires can withstand over 900 psi before bursting.

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