What is AviationAvi?

AviationAvi is a virtual world in itself for all aviation lovers and enthusiasts who enjoy learning aviation on ground as well as in the skies. It is also a portal, a common entry point that is tailor made for users to access information on various subjects of major importance in aviation including operations, safety, air traffic management and much more.

AviationAvi’s Strategic Objective

The objective of AviationAvi is to set up a hub for aviation knowledge. We will also try to provide a crisp overview of documents published by various International bodies like ICAO, IATA, ACI. The knowledgebase of AviationAvi is dynamic and is developed after deep research on various subjects after referring to various international documents. To develop further, and maintain the accuracy and relevance of the knowledgebase, we will require the support and active participation of all our readers.

AviationAvi’s Content Development Priorities

AviationAvi focuses on over all development of our readers from airports to airlines, from Biplanes to Jet age, and also from jet fuel to bio fuel. To serve this purpose our website contains-

  1. Study Topics on aviation subjects http://aviationavi.com/category/blogs/
  2. PictoRhymes, which are little short rhymes linked to photographs of objects or activities at airport http://aviationavi.com/picto-rhymes/
  3. Aviation News, which discusses on latest happenings in the aviation industry (This has been discontinued as of now) http://aviationavi.com/category/aviation-news/
  4. Aviation Vacancies, which provide links to apply into various vacancies in the aviation market (This has been discontinued as of now) http://aviationavi.com/category/aviation-vacancies/
  5. Videos for overall understanding of various topics on aviation: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6zsmS2YZhNtRqJiw3hMePg

So happy learning together….

Go where you feel the most Alive!

Anwesha Pal
Apron Controllers at Guwahati and Lucknow Airport respectively.

Trained at International Airports of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Lucknow