Last Updated: May 23, 2021, 0812 hrs

A SpiceJet aircraft (VT-SGX) flying 31 members of Indian boxing contingent including Mary Kom which took off from Delhi at 0219 hrs on Saturday to Dubai had to land at the destination after declaring a fuel emergency.

The airline said it had taken special permission to operate this flight but an alleged delay in finding this authorization by Dubai airport authorities forced the aircraft hover for about an hour.

“When the pilots of this flight requested for diversion to Ras Al Khaimah, they were informed that their aircraft is not permitted to land at any airport in UAE. Clearance to land was given when the ATC was informed about the fuel condition on board. Aircraft declared fuel emergency and landed safely with two tonnes of fuel remaining on arrival,” said senior Indian aviation officials probing this case.

Finally, the pilot of SG 142 had to declare a fuel emergency and then the Boeing 737 was finally allowed to land in Dubai after intimation of the onboard situation to the Dubai ATC.

The aircraft reached Dubai safely and all passengers have cleared the immigration. The flight and passengers carried proper documentation. The flight was not filed/ categorized as a cargo flight. It was a regular passenger flight under the air bubble agreement and the same aircraft was to bring 140 passengers to India from Dubai on its return leg.

The aircraft was scheduled to fly back to India at 6.30 am (local time Dubai) Saturday as a quick turnaround flight. Since it took longer to reach Dubai, the airline says the crew exhausted their maximum flight time for the day.

Due to this, the aircraft was rescheduled for the next day at 7.30 am on Sunday to India.

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