Air-taxi eVTOL (VTOL refers to aircraft capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing maneuvers, and “e” in eVTOL stands for electric)  is prototype of the California aviation startup Joby brought into limelight this February through youtube.

The company has completed more than 1,000 test flights over the last 10 years, Joby Aviation has secured a first-mover advantage in the aerial ridesharing industry.

In 2020, the Company became the first to agree to a certification basis for an electric vertical takeoff and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) and in the same year received the U.S. Air Force’s first ever airworthiness approval for an eVTOL aircraft.

Joby eVTOL

It has the ability to take off, transition to horizontal flight and return for landing. This California-based company had been relatively quiet about its progress towards certifying and flying its 10-year-old prototype as an air taxi in 2024, but February was filled with breaking news about the future of the company.

The Company intends to revolutionize how people move from place A to B by introducing its piloted, four-passenger, emissions free aircraft. Air-taxi is designed to transport five individuals at speeds up to 200 mph at a distance of 150 miles using existing battery technology. The prototype has six large tilting rotors to achieve vertical lift and horizontal wings for its cruise.

Joby Aviation

The company also projects that each of its air taxis will generate about $2.2 million annual revenue, assuming that the aircraft will fly approximately 7 hours a day and spend 12 hours in operations.

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