Since dustbins become potentially attractive locations to hide bombs there came the concept of BRTB or the Bomb resistant Trash Bins. The concept combines keeping the environment clean and protecting life and property against the fatal effects of any potential bomb blast.

Design Concept: These receptacles/bins are basically designed to diffuse the force of an explosion by directing a blast upwards, thereby protecting bystanders from the fragmentation that results when an explosive device is detonated. Fragmentation projection area and the high pressure areas are designed in such a manner so that if at all there is a human being standing beside a BRTB the effects may be avoided as much as possible.

Conventional BRTRs have single- or multiplewall technology coupled with a blast cushion. Lids, featured on some models, are meant to remain attached to the waste receptacle during an explosion.

This image shows a Multi wall, Blast Cushion and Lid BRTB

These bins are certified only after rigorous testing where an explosive charge is placed at one of four predetermined locations within the bin and is detonated. The receptacle is then inspected for breaches in its exterior surface, location of fragments produced are recorded. A minimum of three tests are conducted, including two bare charge tests and one fragmentation test.

BRTR models are available in attractive designs and various laminates and colors. They usually accommodate plastic liners and sometimes feature internal drainage out of the bottom or the side. Some models also feature lids and optional cigarette trays. Installation comprises leveling the BRTB and, if required, anchoring. The containers can weigh between 200 and 2,000 pounds.

In a Nutshell: BRTBs help mitigate the threat of concealed explosives in crowded venues and buildings (Airport, Railway Stations, etc.). The standards agreed by government may assist buyers in evaluating various BRTBs and selecting the appropriate model and location for the threat level needed, and deploying them to ensure maximum protection.

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