Last Updated: June 17, 2021, 0835hrs 

GHIAL has collaborated with technology partner AllGoVision Technologies to help ensure adherence to Covid-19 protocols at the airport.

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL) has implemented Queue Management Systems combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics that help enhance passenger experience by reducing waiting time at passenger touchpoints such as entry, check-in, security, immigration etc.

This smart queue management solution uses advanced camera-based Video Analytics which helps the Airport staff to constantly monitor various key parameters such as peak passenger waiting time and take appropriate corrective actions as needed.

The advanced video analytics platform analyses the video feed from various cameras and uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to accurately estimate passenger statistics over time.

In addition to Queue Management analytics, GHIAL is also using the technology for enhanced security such as camera tampering, loitering, parking violation, object classification, wrong-way detection, and left object detection.

The airport has taken several additional measures like it has converted all the elevators from traditional push-button controls to a safer touch-less alternative, trolleys and baggage trays are disinfected after each use. Similarly, each security screening hand baggage tray moves through a disinfection tunnel before arriving at the collection point for use by passengers, ensuring sanitised, untouched trays are available for passenger use.

In the previous year, in order to ensure social distancing at airports another airport i.e. GMR Delhi International Airport installed Xovis a passenger tracking system (PTS) where passengers are counted and tracked anonymously using ceiling-mounted sensors.

The Xovis system calculates passenger density and if it goes beyond a particular level, it sends a signal to Delhi airport operator’s team, who take appropriate actions required.

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