Last Updated: June 27, 2021, 0831hrs

With the surge in demand for travel as the second wave of the pandemic abates, two Indian airlines (Indigo and Vistara) plan to add more international destinations to their schedule.

IndiGo has plans to connect distances up to seven hours of flight time from six key metro cities.

Vistara has plans to operate flights to the US, Europe as well as short-haul destinations in Southeast and Central Asia.

IndiGo which is India’s largest airline, will provide connections with its fleet of Airbus 320s and 321s  which can fly a range of 3-7 hours of flying time which include destinations like Beijing, Moscow, Cairo, Nairobi, Jakarta, Manila, and all the Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS) countries in between them. 

Vistara’s fleet has Airbus 321s and Boeing 787-9 which can fly to destinations within 11 hours of flying time but aiming to fly to destinations farther, such as the US, will be in the next phase as demand rises.

Both strategically have been inducting aircraft that could fly long routes, despite the pandemic disrupting international travel.

Travel experts expect demand for international travel from India to hit up to 60% of pre-Covid levels as soon as flight operations resume.

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