Last Updated: July 5 2021

IndiGo which is one of the leading air carriers of India has reduced emissions by about 5 per cent via its ground support equipment automation.

IndiGo has adopted various solutions in both passenger and freight services such as ‘modified baggage BFL (Belt loaders) for cabin loading’, battery swapping by monorail crane, using 10-tonne electrical tug instead of 20-tonne, amongst others.

Besides, the airline converted old coaches to make portable cabins for staff at airports.

“These initiatives, implemented at Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi and Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru airports, not only reduced 90 mins of manhours per flight, but also brought in overall cost savings of about Rs 15 crore over a year“.

“IndiGo also implemented Portable baggage transfer belt at Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata airports, along with vehicle mounted transfer rollers at Delhi and Mumbai airports.”

This has reduced manpower engagement, baggage offloading time and lowered the risk of baggage or other ‘Cargo’ mishandling, while ensuring the health & safety of its workforce.

As the aviation industry reels back amid decreasing number of cases, airlines companies are tapping at the potential flyers by offering vaccine discounts. Taking the first step is IndiGo which recently announced that it will be offering 10 percent discounts on tickets of passengers who have been vaccinated.

The discount has been offered to support the government-led mass vaccination programme and incentivise air travel for such responsible citizens.

The airline in statement said that the discount offer will only be available to vaccinated passengers aged 18 years and above, who are located in India at the time of booking and have already received a Covid-19 vaccine in the country.

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