Last Updated: May 24, 2021, 0817 hrs 

With the meteorological department upgrading cyclone Yaas into a very severe category four days before it is predicted to make the landfall, the airport operator and airlines have reviewed the checklist to minimize damage at the airport during the storm, when winds speeds are expected to be in excess of 100 km/hr.

The plan says that Small planes to be stashed inside hangars; larger planes to be secured with chocks; all ground handling equipment to be chained down; aerobridges to be anchored with steel cables; floodlights on high masts to be lowered; terminal roof to be inspected once again.

“We are ready for the cyclone. All precautionary measures will be taken on Tuesday night. But it will be business as usual till hours before the cyclone. On Monday, the airport Met office will brief us on how severe the cyclone will be and whether it will be heading towards Kolkata or not. The status will be updated on Tuesday, when we will review various factors to decide whether to suspend operations when the cyclone rages,” airport director Pulla Hezekiah said.

“Airlines were concerned about damage to aircraft from flying objects. We have asked everyone to ensure all equipment used in the operational area are secured so that they do not become projectiles. All equipment will be gathered together, chained and covered.”

Airlines have been asked to properly moor planes. Use of aerobridges may be suspended closer to the cyclone as they will have to be tied down securely to prevent getting blown away. A part of the hangar that had collapsed in Amphan a year ago has been removed but another segment remains due to insurance claim issues.

The measures taken will be upgraded based on updates by IMD.

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