Last Updated: June 5, 2021, 0830hrs

Union Minister of Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri on Friday showed confidence and ruled out the calculation of several airline companies and aviation experts, which stated about normalcy in the aviation sector will return in 2023. He rather expects it to happen much earlier.

He said that things are likely to fall back in place after all countrymen are vaccinated in 2021.

The union minister focusing on the passenger record of last year said “We respect experts’ opinions. But in pre-COVID level 4 lakh passengers used to travel in a day. When we started domestic civil aviation on May 25, 2020, on day one there were 30,000 passengers, which increased to 3 lakh 13 thousand till the second wave hit our country. It may have touched four lakh passengers per day and normalcy may have returned but I believe that normalcy will be returned by 2021 after all Indians are vaccinated.”

“When the second wave came and this passenger traffic came down to 40,000 last week. On Thursday it increased to 80,000 and later it will continue to increase with the decline in COVID cases,” said the Union Minister.

Emphasizing on the positivity rate of COVID cases in Delhi which is 0.6 per cent and recovery rate which is 90-92 per cent and the mortality rate which is low he stated that if one tests more than 100 people only one person would be positive. Thus as situations improve we are likely to touch the pre Covid mark very soon.

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