Last Updated: May 17, 2021, 0918 hrs

SkyNet Aviation, Brisbane-based aviation technology company has announced the launch of its latest flight operational software and analytics interface for mid-size fleet aviation operators, REACH Aero.

According to SkyNet, the technology comes with the aim to transform the way Operational Control Centres (OCC) function for mid-sized operators, particularly as the industry emerges from the ongoing COVID-19 crisis by providing them with the operational tools and capabilities normally only available to major airlines.

REACH Aero technology is a multi-purpose interface that works to organise and monitor daily operations, including flight monitoring, scheduling, shift rostering, flight dispatch, critical weather management, fleet management, on-time performance and turnaround reporting, flight information display system, and engineering planning support.

SkyNet said its latest technology solution can provide users with real-time data coherence across every aircraft, all locations and any system within their company.

It also aims to provide significant cost reduction potential and accessible data analytics which will enable CEOs and CFOs to make effective, real-time business decisions and plan for profitable growth.

“Effective and efficient aircraft fleet management boils down to making the right decisions, at the right time, using the right information,” said SkyNet Aviation CEO Jon Davis.

“We’ve been evolving REACH Aero for some time and the product we are launching today is the world’s only holistic, enterprise-grade operations solution that integrates an air fleet’s entire data, tracking and business intelligence posture onto a single ‘pane-of-glass’ display.”

Davis said that mid-tier aviation companies, such as charter, aeromedical, or regional operators, usually depend on a “unique mix of software, systems and admin routines”. “They’ve typically been adopted reactively, over time, and the end result is a mix-and-match of systems and processes,” he said.

This assemblage of systems has been working well enough, but the conflicts and compromises involved may be preventing a company in stepping up on safety, capacity or scale, or adapting to changing market conditions.

“There’s been no way to overcome this without scrapping existing systems and spending considerable amounts on software that solves individual parts of the operational puzzle in isolation.

“Until now, the all-encompassing flight ops solutions available only make economic sense for fleets that are 10 or 100 times the size of a mid-tier outfit.

“As mid-tier fleet specialists we’ve developed Reach Aero to not only work with an OCC’s existing software platforms but to also increase the functionality of their current software.”

The company has partnered with global aviation organizations whose products are integrated directly within its platform, including Air Maestro, DTN, ForeFlight and Uplift Logistics.

So, dear readers how do you think the great innovation may revolutionize the economics of mid sized fleet operators and what impact it may have globally. Drop in your views in the comment section below.

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