Last Updated: March 07, 2021, 1900 hrs IST

Uttar Pradesh which is the largest state in India in terms of both land area and population has allotted Rs 2,307 crore for civil aviation sector while compared to Rs 347 crores in 2016.

A total of 21 airports will be operated in UP in the coming years. Construction works of the following Aligarh, Azamgarh, Shravasti, Moradabad, Chitrakoot and Myorpur (Sonbhadra) airports under RCS will be completed by April 2021. Development of new airports in Jhansi, Lalitpur and Saharanpur districts are in the pipeline.

Till the year 2017, Lucknow, Varanasi, Gorakhpur andĀ Agra airports were operational in the state and over the next 03 years, Prayagraj, Kanpur and Hindon Airport have been given operational status and a total of 63 cities have been connected to air services from 25 cities.

Uttar Pradesh govt is planning to make Ayodhya a tourist hub with Ram Mandir coming up there, for this govt released Rs 625 crore and 183 acres of land has been purchased to develop Ayodhya Airport for Airbus-321 (Code : C) and Boeing-787 aircraft (Code E).

It is of the view that by 2025, Uttar Pradesh will have highest number of operational airportsĀ both domestic and international.India’s aviation sector has been growing rapidly over the last one decade. In 2018, the domestic passenger growth was at a whopping 18.6%.

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